Happy 25th birthday, Linux


Linux will turn 25 years old on August 25, the day Linus Torvalds sent out his fateful message asking for help with a new operating system. “I’m doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won’t be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones. This has been brewing since april, and is starting to get ready. I’d like any feedback on things people like/dislike in minix, as my OS resembles it somewhat (same physical layout of the file-system (due to practical reasons) among other things),” he wrote in the comp.os.minix message board. And the rest, as they say, is history.

What’s particularly interesting about Torvalds’ note is that it was followed not by snark or derision but with general interest. While we can chalk that up to Torvalds actually having a product ready to show potential users, we are also reminded that the internet in 1991 was a far different place than it is today.

The Linux Foundation has just released a detailed report on the OS with highlights from the past 25 years. They write that 13,500 developers from 1,300 companies have contributed to the Kernel since the entire project went up on Git in 2005. The most interesting bit of data?

“During the period between the 3.19 and 4.7 releases, the kernel community was merging changes at an average rate of 7.8 patches per hour; that is a slight increase from the 7.71 patches per hour seen in the previous version of this report, and a continuation of the longterm trend toward higher patch volumes.” That means the Linux kernel is almost constantly being patched and updated all by a volunteer army of programmers dedicated to seeing the glue of the Internet succeed.

You can read the entire report here.

Linux now runs most of the websites you visit and runs on everything from gas pumps to smartwatches. The OS teaches kids to program thanks to the Raspberry Pi and it helped the French police save millions of euros. Heck, even Microsoft is releasing code for Linux. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

For a bit more insight into the history of the OS, I’d recommend Rebel Code and
Just For Fun. These books, released around the time Linux was coming into prominence, tell the fascinating story of Torvalds and his not “big and professional” side project.


Happy 25th birthday, Linux. Enjoy !

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Ever Wondered Why We Always Enter And Exit From Left Side Of An Airplane?

Have you ever Wondered, Why Airlines always use the left side for boarding and de-boarding of passengers. But what are the reasons that decide which side is for what purpose?

Why not the other end for the passengers? Why is it always left?

There must be some reason behind it. It can be a historical or technical reason. Here we have tried to cover all the reasons that might answer this curious and logical question.


One speculation goes all the way back to the ships which had steering oar on the right side of boats because of which the ships were parked with the dock on the left so that the rudder of the ship does not get jammed between the ship and dock. Thus ships used their left side to embark and disembark off the passengers, so most airplanes and jet ways were also designed this way.

Soldiers mounted their horses from the left side.

Soldiers mounted their horses from the left side.

This reason goes way back in time when men used to carry swords and travel on horses. The theory goes that since most of the men were right-handed and carried the sword on their left side of hip, they used to mount the horse from the left side so that the sword does not get in the way. And thus the tradition continued.

Biplanes from World War I.

Biplanes from World War I

The Biplane from World War I had the stirrup on the left side, thus pilots used to mount their planes from the left side.

This is what history tells us about this curious question, now let’s look at what might be the technical reasons for it.

Allows pilot to…


Without it being a hazard to passenger, the pilot can keep the right side of engine running as a source of power and air.

Planes get their fuel from the right side.

Planes get their fuel from the right side.

Since fuelling is carried out on the right side of the plane. So for safety reasons, passengers movement are kept to the left side of the plane.

The Airbridges are on the left side of the plane.

The Air bridges are on the left side of the plane.

Catering is loaded from the right side of the plane.

Catering is loaded from the right side of the plane.

The hold doors.

The hold doors.

Since the hold doors are on the right side of the plane, the baggage, the fuel and catering take place on right side of the plane. So it would get pretty crowded if passengers are also boarded and de-boarded from the side.

Thus there are many reasons why airlines always use the left side for boarding and de-boarding of passengers.


One more curiosity solved.


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Microsoft pays $10,000 (Rs. 6.7 lakh) for botched Windows 10 installation

Microsft Windows 10 Logo

Windows 10 upgrade screwed you over? Maybe it’s time to sue!

A real-estate agency from California sued Microsoft for a broken Windows 10 installation, and won $10,000 (around Rs 6.7 lakh)  in settlement, according to a report in the Seattle Times. The travel agent never authorized the upgrade. Once the new operating system was installed, the machine slowed down, would not work and was unusable for days. Customer support was not able to resolve the problems when contacted.

The travel agent took up the matter in court, seeking compensation from Microsoft over loss of earnings and the cost of getting a new computer. She won the case, and Microsoft was ordered to pay $10,000 for the damages. Microsoft didn’t appeal to avoid further litigation costs and decided to pay up. Windows 10 is offering free upgrades to users who have genuine versions of Windows 7 or Windows 8. The offer is only valid on the full versions of the operating system, not trial or introductory versions. The offer is valid till July 29, 2016. Microsoft has been very pushy with the upgrade, and updates to the upgrade.

Users can be locked out of their machines during the upgrade process and there are few options available to stop Windows 10 from making your machines unusable at times because of the upgrade and update process. Microsoft blogger Thurrott has termed the pushy upgrades from Microsoft as Upgradegate.

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Microsoft is making Windows 10 available as a free upgrade for compatible devices that are running genuine Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1Update.

The free upgrade is a full version of Windows (not a trial or introductory version) and is available until July 29, 2016.

clip_image002[4] Act today to take advantage of our best Windows ever.

Windows 10:

• Is the Windows you already know, only better

• Starts up an average of 28% faster** than Windows 7

• Is designed to work with software and hardware you already own

• Provides the most personal and productive experiences across a range of versatile devices

clip_image003[4] Protect your business from modern security threats.

Windows 10:

• Provides enterprise-grade security, not available in Windows 7

• Is the most secure Windows ever, from power-on to power-off, protecting your users’ identities, information, and devices on or off network

clip_image004[4] Keep your business up to date with the latest innovations from Windows.

With Windows 10, you get;

• Automatic updates to keep your system up to date for the supported lifetime of the device

• Security updates, bug fixes, and new features delivered directly to your business

We’ve done extensive testing to make sure your business has a smooth experience. The fastest, easiest way to upgrade is through the Get Windows 10 app, which may already be installed on your PC. Click on the Windows logo on the bottom right of your taskbar to begin upgrade process. If you don’t see it, click here to begin upgrade.

Any new system you may want to move your retail Windows 7 or 8.1 license over to after 29 July 2016 will not be eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10 and you will have to purchase a Windows 10 retail license to get that system updated to the new operating system.

Of course, you should still be able to purchase an upgrade license for Windows 10, which will cost less than a full version of the OS, and then use it to upgrade your retail Windows 7 or 8.1 system at that point.

Your free upgrade offer ends July 29, 2016. Upgrade devices you already own or browse our latest innovative devices for your business.

So, Do it Now! Enjoy! & Keep Sharing.

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What Does This Symbol On Every Power Button Mean

Just see it for the last time because after reading further you’ll never see it this way ever again.

Power Button

See the symbol once again. Do you see an ‘I’ and ‘O’ sign?

Does this broken circle with a line inside it look like 1 and 0?

Does this broken circle with a line inside it look like 1 and 0

The story of this symbol goes far back to World War 2 when engineers used the binary system to label power button.
In binary systems, 1 means “on” and 0 mean “off.”
Finally in 1973, it was standardized by International Electrotechnical Commission, IEC as a power button symbol.


You may have seen these power button too. Here we have to toggle between on and off, that’s why – there are different I and O.

Here we have to toggle between on and off that's why - there are different I and O
Whereas these kind of buttons work for both On and Off, that’s why this symbol.


Power button symbol IEC 5007, the power on symbol (line), appearing on a button or one end of a toggle switch indicates that the control places the equipment into a fully powered state. It comes from the binary system (“1” means “on”).

power button symbol IEC 5008, the power off symbol (circle) on a button or toggle, indicates that using the control will disconnect power to the device. It comes from the binary system (“0” means “off”).

power button symbol IEC 5009, the standby symbol (line partially within a broken circle), indicates a sleep mode or low power state. The switch does not fully disconnect the device from its power supply. This may appear on a toggle switch opposite a power on symbol, alone on a push-button that places the device into a standby state, or alone on a button that switches between on and standby. Alternatively, under IEEE 1621, this symbol simply means “Power”.

Share & Enjoy !

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Bluetooth 5 coming with four times speed, double range on 16 June

Bluetooth logo-640x156

The next-gen Bluetooth standard version dubbed Bluetooth 5 is on its way with some significant improvements. Bluetooth Special Interest Group executive director Mark Powell has now revealed that the new version will be formally announced on 16 June, and also spoke about some features.

It will be a significant upgrade over the current version with double the range and four times the speed. Bluetooth 5 will also bring in new functionality for connectionless services such as location-relevant information and navigation. “By adding significantly more capacity to advertising transmissions, Bluetooth 5 will further propel the adoption and deployment of beacons and location-based services to users around the world,” he writes.

Talking about the name Bluetooth 5, he said it will simplify marketing and advertising. “Veterans of the SIG will note that with this name we have dropped reference to both the version and point number in our marketing messaging. Our new naming approach is focused on simplifying our marketing, communicating user benefits more effectively and making it easier to signal significant technology updates to the market,” he further writes.

The event will he held in London this coming week.


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WhatsApp Desktop App for Windows and Mac

UntitledWhatsApp has just released their desktop app for Windows and Mac. Tired of keeping your browser window always phone to access WhatsApp on your PC? Here is the solution, You can now download and install WhatsApp desktop app on your PC’s running on Windows and Mac operating System.

Recently WhatsApp is announcing many features like End-to-End Encryption, Text formatting, Voice calls, etc., In addition to these features, a major announcement from the team is the desktop app.

Like WhatsApp Web, our desktop app is simply an extension of your phone: the app mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device.

WhatsApp Desktop App

WhatsApp team has designed an app with all the features available on WhatsApp Web. For now, we can say, the desktop app is the replacement of WhatsApp Web. Even in the Desktop App, you have to access your messages with the help of your phone. There is no option to login directly from the desktop app like Telegram desktop app.

As per the official announcement from WhatsApp team, the desktop app is available for Windows operating system running on Windows 8 or higher and Mac OS running on 10.9 or higher versions. Like Web, the messages from your phone will be synced to the desktop app. In this app, you will have native desktop notifications, better keyboard shortcuts, controlling previews of messages in the desktop alerts and more. You can also view the blocked contacts and block new contacts from the desktop app.


You can download the WhatsApp Desktop application here. Browse to the URL from your PC and start downloading it. The sie of the Windows App is 61.5 MB and the size of Mac application which comes in the zipping package is 55 MB.

How To Steps

To get started with the desktop app, the steps are similar to WhatsApp Web.

Once you open the app on your desktop, QR code will be displayed. Open WhatsApp on your phone and navigate to WhatsApp Web and start scanning the code. Within fraction of seconds, all the messages from your phone will be synced with your desktop app.

You can control notifications, sounds and block contacts from the desktop app.


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