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Default Gateway Missing After ReStart

I installed SP2 on a VM and ran some tests.At the beginning I didn’t even install NSM. I just set up some settings manually and rebooted. And guest what: The GW disappeared. I tried several different settings (different ranges, different … Continue reading

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Windows Server 2008 to Workstation-Themes

Like Microsoft Windows Vista its also possible to use the Aero theme or at least the Vista Basic theme without transparency and 3d flip. Note that following this tutorial and installing the “Desktop Experience” Feature also installs Windows Calendar, Windows … Continue reading

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Windows XP Pro Remote Desktop configuration, use and troubleshooting help and tips

  Overview(from the online version – Windows XP Professional Resource Kit) Remote Desktop provides access from a remote location to a computer running the Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional operating system, giving you the flexibility to work on your Windows XP … Continue reading

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Windows Automatically Logoff after logon!

For long time ago , I experiment with this problem too many times. and what I can do with it is, Format and Reinstall the windows. But now This problems happened on my own computer, That why I have to … Continue reading

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Best way to fix windows xp auto log off after login

what I suggest you to do is : PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SCAN YOUR WHOLE HARD DRIVE WITH THE LATEST VIRUSES DEFINITION FILES. You can do this by taking off your hard drive and connect to another computer to scan … Continue reading

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