Windows Automatically Logoff after logon!

For long time ago , I experiment with this problem too many times. and what I can do with it is, Format and Reinstall the windows. But now This problems happened on my own computer, That why I have to try my best to find the solution to fix .

Please read the latest Instruction!!!

I have google it many time ago, but still can not find the right solution for this kind of virus. But I think depending on the level of the infection. if you were in the medium ,you maybe lucky!

This problems happened after you clean that virus from your computer ( I don’t remember what is the name of virus). So if yo have the same problems as me , hope you maybe able to fix it also:

1-Because of the virus infected to your system, So make sure you use the antivirus ( Symantec, AVG Free Edition, Kaspersky,… ) to clean it from ur system.

2-After the anti virus found and clean it, PLEASE MAKE SURE DON’T RESTART YOUR COMPUTER !!! , if you restart you will no longer to enter your windows desktop.

3-Click start > run > type “ regedit” and locate this registry path:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

You will see a key named: Userinit then double click on it and pasted the following value:


Here the screenshot:

4- If the “ UserInit.exe” is currupted or damaged , you have to repair it using the Windows Recovery Console. to copy the file back:

a. Insert the original Windows XP CD (Windows XP with Service Pack 2 is preferred, but not required) and reboot the computer. You may need to configure your computer to boot from the CD-ROM drive.
b. When the Windows XP Setup has started, press “ R” to “ repair the Windows XP installation using Recovery Console” .
c. Select the Windows installation to repair (generally this is C:\Windows) by typing its number and then pressing ENTER.
d. Type the Administrator password and press ENTER.
e. Type the following commands:


NOTE: If your CD-ROM drive has a different letter assigned to it, enter “ X:” instead, where X is the appropriate drive letter.
After entering “ EXPAND USERINIT.EX_ C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32″ you should see the text “ 1 file(s) copied” , in which case all went well.
Remove the Windows XP CD, type “ EXIT” and press ENTER to restart your computer. You should now be able to log on as normally.

Best of Luck!

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