The 10 most useful Excel keyboard shortcuts

It’s great to know the resources are out there. But on a practical level, mastering 10 genuinely useful shortcuts will get you a lot farther than a vague knowledge of 50 shortcuts you seldom use and can’t remember. Here are 10 timesavers that put the short in shortcut.

The shortcuts                                   

Action                                                  Shortcut

Insert a new line within a cell                   [Alt] [Enter]

Enable editing within a cell                     [F2]

Add a comment to a cell                        [Shift][F2]

Open Print Preview                                [Ctrl] [F2]

Fill selected cells with an entry you typed in one cell            [Ctrl] [Enter]

Fill data down or to the right through selected cells            [Ctrl] D or [Ctrl ] R

Create a name                                      [Ctrl [F3]

Insert the current date or time Ctrl] and ; (semicolon) or Ctrl and : (colon)

Create a chart from a range of data       [F11]

Toggle the display of formulas               [Ctrl] ~

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