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Unable to access workgroup computer on home workgroup network

This is in some cases caused by a registry setting named RestrictAnonymous. Go to the computer which you cannot access, start a registry editor and change the following registry value. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM \CurrentControlSet \Control \Lsa Value name: RestrictAnonymous Value type: … Continue reading

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Photo memories of 18 first computers

Franklin Ace 2000 series TRS 80 model 1 TRS-80, Model 1. It used a cassette tape drive for storage. I wrote a program in micro-basic." (Steven Stengel explains at that T = Tandy, RS = Radio Shack, 80 = … Continue reading

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WinXP Pro File Sharing

1. Disable Simple File Sharing2. Create User Accounts3. User Account Passwords4. Create User Groups5. Create Shares6. Access Control Lists7. NTFS Permissions8. Connecting from Clients9. Sharing My Documents10. Q & A11. Troubleshooting The file system in Windows XP is based on … Continue reading

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