Unable to access workgroup computer on home workgroup network

This is in some cases caused by a registry setting named RestrictAnonymous.
Go to the computer which you cannot access, start a registry editor and
change the following registry value.
Value name: RestrictAnonymous
Value type: DWORD
If the value is 1 or even 2, change it to 0, reboot and retest. If the
problem is solved, leave the value at zero. If not, you can change it back if
you like.



Possible Fix for corruption “Access Denied” Problem:
Using notepad create a file named FIXANON.REG with the following contents:
——————- cut after this line ——————-
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
——————- cut before this line —————–



It works with most XP Pro and Home Editions.
1. Start > Run > regedit.exe
2. Go to
3. Change the value of a key called "restrictanonymous" to 0 instead of 1 or 2.
4. Don’t change "restrictanonymoussam" value.(by Default 1)
5. The value should be REG_DWORD and Hexadecimal Base. (That’s the default for that key)
6. Restart your computer and access the resources on that PC, it should work properly.

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