Intel Ultrabooks Roadmap for Next Three Generations

Intel’s Ultrabook, First preview from Asus.

Intel introduced the Ultrabooks concept at Computex 2011 in Taiwan few months back. According to Intel, Ultrabook is a new breed of devices that combines performance, responsiveness and security in thin and light form factors. Intel says “you’ll think of an Ultrabook as a tablet when you want it, a PC when you need it”.

Intel believes that Ultrabooks will influence a major change in computing experience in coming years and so they have laid out roadmap for next three generations of Ultrabooks. Intel executives Sean Maloney and Molly Eden explained that Ultrabooks would arrive in phases:

  • Phase 1: It started when Intel introduced its latest Ultra-Low Voltage 2nd Generation Intel Core processors in June that will bring new systems to shelves this holiday season.
  • Phase 2: It centers around the next generation Intel microarchitecture codename Ivy Bridge processors scheduled for availability in systems in the first half of 2012. Laptops based on Ivy Bridge will bring improved power efficiency, smart visual performance, increased responsiveness and enhanced security. Faster I/O such as USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt technologies are also part of Intel’s ongoing work to drive the PC platform forward.
  • Phase 3: It will be based on next generation Intel microarchitecture codename Haswell that will offer more power efficient processors with better performance for insanely sleek systems.

Starting in late 2011, Intel partners will start offering thin and light laptops that will be less than 21mm (0.82-inch) thick, with ultra-fast start up using Intel Rapid Start technology and offering 5 hours battery life. Basically, laptops like MacBook Air. PC makers like Acer, Asus and HP have already announced their Ultrabook launch plans for later this year and other PC makers should join them soon.

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