How to change the Window Glass colour in Windows 7

Customise the interface of your PC’s desktop

Microsoft’s Window operating system offers plenty of ways to customise the interface of your PC. Windows 7 offers Themes – combination of pictures, colours, and sounds – that can be used personalise your machine with. We’ve already shown you how to change the theme in Windows 7. However, you may want to change just one aspect of a theme, such as the desktop background or window glass colour (the slightly see through border around your windows), particularly if you don’t want to use the colours associated with the existing theme. Here’s how to change the window glass.


Step one
From the Start menu select the Control Panel.









Step two
Click on Appearance and Personalization, and from the options displayed under Personalization select Change window glass colors.



Step three
Now select a colour from this displayed. If you’d prefer not to have the glass effect, uncheck the box next to Enable transparency.



Step four
You can also adjust the intensity of the colour using the horizontal slider located next to Colour intensity or adjust the Hue, Saturation or Brightness of the colour by clicking Show color mixer and using the sliders that appear.


Step five
By selecting Advanced appearance settings, located towards the bottom of the window, you’ll be ale to specify the colours for different types of windows, along with the spacing between icons. If you may any changes press Apply, followed by OK to close the Window.




Step six
Return to the Window color and appearance window and press Save Change to complete the adjustments you’ve made.

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