Apple iPhone 5 may launch in India Officially on October 26

Less than a month ago, the latest version of Apple iPhone – iPhone 5 made its debut and there are rumors floating that Apple is officially going to launch the phone in India, in less than a fortnight from now. October 26th to be precise.

iphone 5 india launch date

If the news turns out to be true, it will be the first time that India would witness the official launch of an iPhone in such a short duration after its global launch. The news comes in from a blog of repute and thus a reason to rejoice for Apple fans in India. The blog also claims that unlike earlier, this time Apple itself would be distributing and marketing the phone instead of selling via any telecom operator.

As far as the iPhone 5 price is concerned there is no official word about it yet, but it is available in the Indian gray market and several e-commerce stores for a whooping 60K INR, obviously without the official Apple warranty.

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  1. No question that the numbers are good, however they feel that no matter how good, the next quarter will not be good so the stock will tank. There is nothing more useless. I know they are part of the fabric Because the screw it up, for some reason the marketplace will push the stock lower even if they blow away the analyst estimates.

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