Much Needed Update for Core Windows 8 Apps Mail Released by Microsoft

imageWere you disappointed when you tried out the bundled apps Mail, Calendar and People included with Windows 8? I sure was.  My initial delight at finding a built-in email client faded fast when I got a chance to try it out.

I found it to be very simple to set up and use but it lacked a lot of the basic features that I’d expect to be in any mail client. There was no way to customize the interface, no way to create folders to sort email from within the app and there was no way to filter SPAM. It didn’t even provide support for POP email accounts.

The update, released in late March, provided new features for Mail, People and Calendar, though Mail received the most attention by far. While you still can’t sync a POP3 account, you now have the ability to create folders, filter SPAM and filter by unread to see only messages you’ve yet to open. Why these features weren’t included from the start I can only guess, but their addition, along with a few other new features make Mail a much more viable option for users seeking a simple client to manage their messages.

If you’re disappointed in the Mail app’s poor showing, make sure to head out to the Windows store to download the update. You might be glad you did.!!

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