View your favourite website in 3D using firefox !

I observed that Firefox from Mozilla now comes with a 3D button for developers Nicknamed Tilt, is a brand new WebGL-based website visualization tool that represents the structure of a web page better than a normal 2D view, so everyone can instantly understand the relationship of the code to the page output.

How to Get 3D View in Firefox ?
1. Open Firefox in your system.
2. Now open a webpage that you want to see in 3D (example:
3. Now press “Ctrl+Shift+K” to open up the console.
4. Now a tab will be displayed at the bottom of the webpage.
5. Now click on the Box, says “3D view” at the top right of the tab.


There are a variety of ways the 3D view is useful:
1. If you have broken HTML causing layout problems, looking at the 3D view can help find where you’ve gone wrong. Often, layout problems are caused by improper nesting of content.
2. If content isn’t displaying, you may be able to figure out why; since the 3D view lets you zoom out to see elements that are rendering outside the visible area of the page.
3. You can get a look at how your page is structured to see and analyse if there may be ways to optimize your layout.
4. And, of course, it looks marvellous, so just give it a try and share your experiences.


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