7 Websites for Sending Anonymous Emails

anonymous-emailHere are some anonymous email services that let you send or receive emails. Few services also offer encryption for secure emails.

1. Anonymous Email – TorGuard 

TorGuard is a popular service that provide anonymous inbox with lots of features. It offers 10 MB storage, privacy features, cryptographic features G/PGP encryption and end-to-end encryption.

2. Tor Mail

Tor Mail is a TOR hidden services providing anonymous email service. Tor Mail is developed for super anonymity and built over Tor Network. Mail sent and received from Tor Mail cannot be traced easily.

3. The Anonymous Mail

The Anonymous Mail is another nice email service offering anonymous emails. You need to create a free account before use.

4 . 5ymail

5ymail offers sending and receiving or rich text emails for free without revealing your true identity. There is also a paid version of the email service. Paid versions get more features

5. AnonEmail 

AnonEmail is also a nice anonymous email service. So start sending emails without revealing your real identity.

6. Secure Mail 

Secure Mail encrypts your email using 4096-bit key encryption. In this way, your emails are unreadable by any unauthorized person. For sign up, it never ask for any personal information. So, you do not worry about your privacy. It also has a zero-tolerance policy against spam.

7. AnonymousEmail.us

AnonymousEmail.us is one of the simplest websites that let users send anonymous email. You can also send an attachments via emails with these services  With this service, you ca only send emails but cannot receive. If you want to get reply, you can provide reply-to email address.

These are few websites that let users send and receive anonymous emails. By a Google search, you will find so many other similar kind of websites. If you know any other website that should be in list, share it with us via comment.

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