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How to restore / re-download recent Gmail messages

Lots of our client using Google mail or so called Gmail for Business and Personal use.   Sometime due to some mishap offline Data file get corrupted, and you left out with the option to download the complete email by enabling … Continue reading

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How To Erase Everything You Search For On Facebook

When you search for something on Facebook, the site automatically saves your queries to make it easier for you to find things later. You – and only you – can see what you’ve searched for. At least, that’s the intention… … Continue reading

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This Little USB Necklace Hacks Your Computer In No Time Flat

Quick! The bad guy/super villain has left the room! Plug in a mysterious device that’ll hack up their computer while an on-screen progress bar ticks forward to convey to the audience that things are working! It’s a classic scene from … Continue reading

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Leaked Windows 10 Build 9901 shows smarter Storage Sense

The latest leaked build of Windows 10 includes new features that allow users to designate where apps and games are stored by default. Many traditional desktop and laptop PCs have 1 TB or more of local storage. Those that don’t … Continue reading

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The Internet Is Actually Controlled By 14 People Who Hold 7 Secret Keys.

This sounds like something out of a Dan Brown book but it isn’t: The whole Internet is controlled by seven actual, physical keys. The Guardian’s James Ball was recently allowed to observe the highly secure ritual known as a key … Continue reading

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