Windows 8.1 keyboard not typing " on single press

Some one the Clients compelling about the issue they are facing with Windows 7 & Windows 8, that Double quote key not working on single press, but act if we press twice…

Here the User Version & Solution for the same.

I’m using windows 7 on a laptop. On the laptop keyboard, for some reason, the quote key (which has both double and single quote on it) is doing some “clever” annoying things:

  1. When I press single-quote (or double-quote), windows doesn’t send any characters until I press it twice (resulting in '' or "")
  2. When I press it before a vowel, I get some kind of accented character. As I usually only write English, this is annoying.

The backtick/tilde key is subject to similar behaviour.

I have not attempted to set up my computer to process anything other than English. My keyboard appears to be (in so far as these things are standard on laptops) a standard US qwerty keyboard.


First make sure that your ‘Regional Language’ settings is set to English (it might be set to ‘US English International’). You can do this through the control panel. Here’s the Microsoft instructions on how to reach that.

After that, go to the Languages tab in the ‘Regional and Language Options’ window, and click on the details button. Under the keyboard settings, remove the ‘international’ option and keep the ‘US’ option. Log off and then back in and retest your quotes.

Done.! Enjoy! Keep Visiting!

Add on  Trick :You can switch between the two using the short-cut “WindowsKey + Space”

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