Growth Crib – The Growing Bed


The life cycle of infant products is usually not very long just because the fast growing of the baby, we need to update the products frequently in order to fit his new height and weight. So how to extend the life of cycle seems to be more significant. Therefore we use the idea of “Sustainable Design” in the design of the crib; one piece of wood is made in form of “tooth cutting”, which can bend up the bed body.

Designers of this Growth Crib are Shang Zhi, Qi Qiu & Surong Sun by Yanko Design. It is one ingenious design that embodies sustainability and innovation. It features a construction where the base of the bed can expand and keep ‘growing’ as the baby grows. Once the baby outgrows the safety rails, you can remove and use them as a trendy rack. So many constructive elements within it, no wonder it was a 2012 IDEA Awards winner


When the baby gets older, the bed can be bigger instead of changing a new one.



One piece of woods is made in form of “tooth cutting”, which can be bend up the bed body. Moreover they create a structure that can be drawn open.


Tenon is the main structure of China`s furniture. Tenon connects two components of the solid wood furniture. It is durable and can withstand the wist of the wood.


It`s pity if removed crib fences are abandoned. For maximize the use of the crib, removed fence can be taken as newspapers frame or as laundry rack.

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