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The "Define Send/Receive Groups…" button does not open in Outlook

User can not access the “Define Send/Receive Groups…”  button to adjust the auto Send/Receive frequency with the email server.  User will be able to send out new emails with the send button.  Incoming emails have to be manually initiated by … Continue reading

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Ever Wondered What’s Inside This Bead At End Of Your Laptop Charger? Mystery Solved!

We all have a basic idea about the purpose of each wire going in and out of our computer. But a few wires seem a bit off when it comes to their appearance. They have a cylindrical bead dangling near … Continue reading

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Auto assign Drive letter don’t work anymore?

After last “patch-tuesday” my Windows 8.1 don’t assign drive letters to hotswaped HDD’s and USB keys.When starting my backup drive , it is now without a drive letter, I can give it one though in disk-management, but before last tuesday, … Continue reading

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These are the Android apps that drain your battery the most

Curious to find out why your phone’s battery keeps draining so quickly? It could be due to your phone’s age or the temperature outside (phone batteries don’t like the cold), but it could also have to do with which apps … Continue reading

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