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Samsung Gets the 128GB DDR4 RAM Ready For Mass Production

Last year, Samsung had introduced a 64GB 3D TSV DDR4 DRAM, and now it has revealed that it has begun mass production for the first ever TSV (through silicon via) DDR4 (double data rate-4) in 128 GB modules. Joo Sun … Continue reading

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Wi-Fi Will Soon Be Passe, Li-Fi Is Almost Here And It’s 100 Times Faster

In the age of high-speed internet, there is always a requirement of a consistent connection. While LAN did the job for the longest time, the world has now moved on to Wi-Fi. It frees you from the desk and gives … Continue reading

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BlackBerry’s new Android phone Priv to make US debut on November 6

Waterloo, Ontario-based BlackBerry’s move to launch an Android phone marks a shift away from its own BlackBerry 10 platform, which failed to regain market share ceded to Apple Inc’s iPhone and a slew of Android-powered devices. AT&T Inc said it … Continue reading

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