Samsung Gets the 128GB DDR4 RAM Ready For Mass Production

samsung-ddr4-memory-moduleLast year, Samsung had introduced a 64GB 3D TSV DDR4 DRAM, and now it has revealed that it has begun mass production for the first ever TSV (through silicon via) DDR4 (double data rate-4) in 128 GB modules. Joo Sun Choi, Samsung’s executive vice president for Memory Sales and Marketing says:

“We are pleased that volume production of our high speed, low-power 128GB TSV DRAM module will enable our global IT customers and partners to launch a new generation of enterprise solutions,”

Samsung 128GB DDR4 RAMThe new 128 GB TSV modules will be made up by 144 DDR4 chips; these chips are further structured into 36 4 GB DRAM packages containing four 20nm based 8GB chips. The design of this new module will allow for better signal transmission as compared to other conventional ones. It also comes packed with 4GB master chips embedded for data buffer function. Therefore, it will cut power consumption by 50% and can also provide speed of up to 2,400 Mbps.

Apart from all of the above, Samsung is looking to produce 20nm 8GB DRAM chips, higher performance modules with 3,200 Mbps and 2,667 Mbps speed and even looking to open applications for higher bandwidth memory. Let’s hope it all comes around.

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