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Fabulous MacOS Tips & Tricks

Some useful productivity hacks I’ve learned over the years Click and hold the “Later” button in a notification for additional snooze  options. Click the Notification Center menubar icon while holding down the Option key to toggle “Do Not Disturb”. Start … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s fix for Windows 10 update cutting off internet? ‘Restart your machine’

Microsoft is looking into reports that some Windows 10 and 8 users are having trouble getting online following a recent update. Microsoft is investigating reports that a recent Windows update is stopping some PCs from connecting to the internet. A … Continue reading

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Legion: Here’s how to keep your online accounts safe from malicious attacks by hacker groups

The hacking group Legion seems to be going after high level targets, in a campaign similar to the one executed by OurMine. The Legion group does not seem to be as sophisticated as OurMine, because they are choosing targets from … Continue reading

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