Microsoft has announced that it will kill off MS Paint after 32 years


Microsoft may be looking at phasing out the ‘beloved’ Paint application. It is highly unlikely that any long time Windows user is unfamiliar Microsoft Paint as the program has been part of the OS for 32 long years. According to a report by The Guardian, the company is planning to remove the application after the introduction of Microsoft Paint 3D.

The decision to introduce Paint 3D was to introduce new features that would work well and enable users to create in the three-dimensional environment along with the 2D workflow with the help of mixed-reality headsets. The report details that the company has marked the app for ‘features that are removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update’. This means that Microsoft Paint is not longer under active development and it can be removed in versions moving forward.

Microsoft has bundled the graphics program with every version of the Windows Operating System since 1985. The program started as a 1-bit monochrome capable version of PC Paintbrush, an app developed by ZSoft. The company was not the first to add new features to Paint when compared to the competition and the additions came gradually. The app was not as powerful as other alternatives like Paint.Net or alternatives but it worked well for the minimal work that one would require.

One thing to note here is that Microsoft Paint is not the only app that is being killed off. According to the list, Paint joins Outlook Express, Reading list, and Reader app as one of the functions that will be removed from future versions of Windows. Microsoft has not revealed the date when it will remove Paint from Windows but the addition in the list has confirmed that the demise of paint is inevitable.

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