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जब दशहरा के दिन रावण ने दी लक्ष्‍मण को दीक्षा, जानें वो तीन बातें

दशहरा को सब लोग बुराई पर अच्‍छाई की जीत का दिन मानते हैं. इस दिन भगवान श्री राम ने राक्षस राज रावण का वध किया था. नौ दिन शक्ति के अलग-अलग स्‍वरूपों की अराधना के बाद विजयदशमी का त्‍यौहार रावण … Continue reading

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Reliance JioPhone customers can return devices before three years, but there’s a catch

Reliance Jio has declared that users can now return their JioPhone handsets before the stipulated time period of three years. However, the company will return the amount in accordance with the time of use. During the company’s AGM event in … Continue reading

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Google launches Drive File Stream app, to replace the Drive desktop app whose support ends in December 2017.

Google has launched the Drive File Stream application to replace the Google Drive for Mac/PC. As the name implies, this application will be streaming the data stored on Google Drive to your Mac or PC. It will let you stream … Continue reading

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