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WikiLeaks releases Vault 7 “Dark Matter” Apple malware, with Doctor Who inspired “Sonic Screwdriver”

The latest set of documents released under the WikiLeaks Vault 7 disclosures, is called “Dark Matter”. The Dark Matter release contains several CIA tools that infected Apple Mac firmware, that allowed CIA software to be persistently present on Apple hardware. … Continue reading

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Fabulous MacOS Tips & Tricks

Some useful productivity hacks I’ve learned over the years Click and hold the “Later” button in a notification for additional snooze  options. Click the Notification Center menubar icon while holding down the Option key to toggle “Do Not Disturb”. Start … Continue reading

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Apple iPhone SE vs 5S vs 6 vs 6S: All you need to know

The 4-inch iPhone SE is finally here. Targeted to consumers who prefer to use a smaller smartphone, the new iPhone is bit of the older 6 and 6S models in the body of the 5S. It will come in Rose … Continue reading

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Here’s why the iPhone always wins

It wasn’t a good day for the iPhone. In its earnings report for last quarter, Apple said it expects iPhone sales to slow down this year. It’ll be the first time in the iPhone’s history Apple has reported negative sales … Continue reading

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Apple has 800 engineers obsessing over this one part of your iPhone

Apple has hired more than 800 engineers to only work on perfecting the most-used part of the iPhone: the camera. It may seem like a lot for one piece of a phone, but the camera is actually made of 200 … Continue reading

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Apple just did something that makes it look like the iPod will be killed

Steve Jobs reveals the first iPod Apple has just pulled the iPod from its website’s main menu, giving Apple Music the portable media player’s spot. The main menu at the top of Apple’s page used to used to advertise the … Continue reading

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Here’s how your iPhone home screen has changed through the years

iPhone OS 1.0 Apple unveiled the original iPhone on January 9, 2007, and Steve Jobs said it was running a version of “OS X,” the same software running on Apple’s Mac computers. Apple later referred to its software as “iPhone … Continue reading

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