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Cyber Security Protection Checklist for Remote Workers

Amid all the COVID-19 chaos, as people get limited to their homes, the world is seeing a significant shift towards remote work culture. Although this shift helps to save people from the pandemic, it puts them under a different kind … Continue reading

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Hundreds of Malicious Chrome Browser Extensions With Used for Stealing User Sensitive Data – 32 Million Users Affected

Recently, the security researchers of Awake Security have discovered 111 malicious browser extensions, that are used for stealing users’ sensitive information. These malicious extensions could collect all credential tokens saved in cookies, and they also take screenshots, browse the content … Continue reading

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Indian Intelligence agencies issue list of mobile apps suggesting government to issue advisory. List contains names of many popular apps such as TikTok, SHAREit, Club Factory and more. Government official says the matter is under discussion. Indian Intelligence agencies have … Continue reading

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Don’t Forward Work Emails to a Personal A/c, Separate Work & Life

Do not forward work emails to a personal email account, separate your work and private life as much as possible, use the organisation’s approved methods to share files, store work-related content on Government/Office approved services only. These are among the … Continue reading

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Hackers are a Busy Lot in these Lockdown Days

MINEFIELDS AT HOME With many working from home, safety processes may not be as tight as those in offices. Earlier this week, a Bengaluru-based cybersecurity company – CloudSek, analysed an alleged hacking attempt on an Indian state tax department, which … Continue reading

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Working from home: Cybersecurity tips for remote workers

Switching to remote working because of the coronavirus can create cybersecurity problems for employers and employees. One of the key measures to reduce the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 is social distancing, which for many organisations means encouraging –  or instructing … Continue reading

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Why multi-factor authentication is an essential part of cyber security

Passwords are an essential part of staying cyber secure. But they’re not infallible. Cyber criminals can use various methods to guess, steal, and compromise your passwords. But multi-factor authentication can help. You can use multi-factor authentication to make it more … Continue reading

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Software updates: Why they matter for cyber security

Regularly updating the software on your computer and other devices is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from cyber threats.And yet, many people still choose to avoid taking the simplest steps to update their software. Here’s the Get … Continue reading

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Email security does not end with your password

A strong password is a great start, but there are more ways to make sure that your email is as secure as possible Email is a crucial part of most people’s daily lives, but few people consider how it’s secured, … Continue reading

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GDPR vs. ePrivacy: The 3 differences you need to know

After months of waiting, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 25, 2018, and user inboxes were flooded with emails alerting them of changes to company privacy policies. However, even though the world has (mostly) … Continue reading

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