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McGill university researchers develop self charging batteries powered by ambient light

Scientists are developing new self-charging batteries that harvest energy from light and could put an end to our smartphone recharging woes. Lithium-ion batteries have allowed the rapid proliferation of mobile devices such as phones, tablets and computers. These tools however … Continue reading

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5 Vintage illustrations of the future that are pretty close to reality …

Imagining or predicting the future has always been a part of the human spirit. We are beings that are intrigued by the things that would or could happen to us in the years to come. The appearance of science fiction … Continue reading

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5 Things That Will Disappear In 5 Years

Just five years ago the world was a very different place. In 2010, the iPad had just made its debut, Kickstarter was introducing a new form of venture capitalism that would change the face of fundraising and Square was letting … Continue reading

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Samsung Gets the 128GB DDR4 RAM Ready For Mass Production

Last year, Samsung had introduced a 64GB 3D TSV DDR4 DRAM, and now it has revealed that it has begun mass production for the first ever TSV (through silicon via) DDR4 (double data rate-4) in 128 GB modules. Joo Sun … Continue reading

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Wi-Fi Will Soon Be Passe, Li-Fi Is Almost Here And It’s 100 Times Faster

In the age of high-speed internet, there is always a requirement of a consistent connection. While LAN did the job for the longest time, the world has now moved on to Wi-Fi. It frees you from the desk and gives … Continue reading

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iBall Splendo Intel-Powered Windows PC Stick Launched At Rs. 8,999

Microsoft in partnership with iBall has launched iBall Splendo PC Stick. This device converts a TV into a full fledged PC and a Smart TV which can be used for browsing internet, editing documents, watching videos or movies and more. … Continue reading

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Five desktop PCs that fit in your pocket

Stick PCs take the desktop computers of old and shrink them into pocket-sized gadgets. The market is hotting up, with upcoming offerings from Intel and Google. Here’s what’s around and in the wings. Compute Stick from Intel The Intel Compute … Continue reading

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The internet is about to get faster

Hypertext Transfer Protocol, HTTP, is a key component of the world wide web. It is the communications layer through which web browsers request web pages from web servers and with which web servers respond with the contents of the page. … Continue reading

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Leaked Windows 10 Build 9901 shows smarter Storage Sense

The latest leaked build of Windows 10 includes new features that allow users to designate where apps and games are stored by default. Many traditional desktop and laptop PCs have 1 TB or more of local storage. Those that don’t … Continue reading

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What Indians expect from future devices: Driver-less vehicles, phones with smell-recognition and more

Indians expect that in about 10 years from now technology will be advanced enough to give them phones that will have the capability to smell things, homes that would read their minds and talk to them and vehicles that fly, … Continue reading

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