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Hundreds of Malicious Chrome Browser Extensions With Used for Stealing User Sensitive Data – 32 Million Users Affected

Recently, the security researchers of Awake Security have discovered 111 malicious browser extensions, that are used for stealing users’ sensitive information. These malicious extensions could collect all credential tokens saved in cookies, and they also take screenshots, browse the content … Continue reading

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There’s No Escaping From Google Collecting Your Data Or Tracking Your Location

It is no new information, that Google has a lot of our data, but, it was only last week that we learnt that Google tracks our location even when we believe that we’ve disabled the option for Google to do … Continue reading

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If you have the Chrome Browser version 53 and below, Gmail will stop working on it

The Chrome Browser version 55 is the latest version of the browser and it has some important security oriented updates, as well as performance enhancements. To encourage users to upgrade to the latest version of the Chrome Browser, Google has … Continue reading

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Hidden Game Inside your Google Chrome, It works on Android too!

Google Chrome users are familiar with the T-Rex dinosaur that shows up when your computer is not connected to the Internet. The T-rex had short arms so lot of things were out of its reach similarly Chrome is having trouble … Continue reading

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