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Aftereffects of Heartbleed: Have You Changed these Passwords?

Last week we wrote a blog about Heartbleed, the latest security bug that turned up around the world and caused global mayhem. The bug targeted the SSL encryption of web services that used OpenSSL, and this meant pretty much every … Continue reading

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How to Block a Program from Accessing The Internet in Windows 8.

This guide will take you every step of the way through creating a “firewall rule” in Windows 8 that will block any program of your choice from connecting to the Internet. There are a whole slew of reasons you may … Continue reading

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How to protect your personal data online

Almost everywhere you go on the Internet these days, you are asked to share personal information. Want to qualify for a special offer? Submit your name, address and e-mail. A free trial of security software? Credit card, please.Unfortunately, we have … Continue reading

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