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How to Remove Duplicate Calendar Entries from Outlook

For some reason Microsoft never included a true duplicate removal tool for Outlook, so you have to use an alternate strategy, which involves either a whole bunch of clicking and deleting or an export process to clean up duplicates with … Continue reading

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How to import multiple vCards (.vcf files) into Gmail or Outlook at once.

In this article we will look at how to go about importing multiple vCards, also known as .vcf files, or other contacts into either your Gmail account in one go. You decide to export all of your contacts from your … Continue reading

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Error message when you try to open or save an e-mail attachment in Outlook: "Cannot create file"

When you try to open or save an e-mail attachment, you may receive the following error message: Cannot create file: file name. Right-click the folder you want to create the file in and click Properties on the shortcut menu to … Continue reading

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Dump Gmail for Four reasons you might

Microsoft’s Gmail competitor has finally arrived. You might be surprised to learn that it brings some useful innovations to webmail. Here are the big four. Microsoft now has a big-time Gmail competitor. Before you chuckle and say “that only took … Continue reading

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First look: Microsoft’s newest email client Inbox In late July 2012, Microsoft announced a new web-based email client: Here are a few screenshots of the new client. As you can see the has been given a Metro-like makeover. From what I can tell … Continue reading

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Use Outlook? Use the Auto-Preview, not the Reading Pane

If you are using Outlook (any version), and you have managed to reset the security level for e-mails, There are two things you need to do to help prevent malicious emails from affecting your computer. The first step is to … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Fix for Outlook’s ‘General Failure’ Error for E-Mail Links

According to Microsoft, this simple setting adjustment will solve this vexing problem. For the past couple months I’ve been working to track down a solution to a problem that’s been bugging Outlook users for at least a year: When you … Continue reading

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