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Israel users are now connected to WhatsApp via Facebook servers

At a time when governments are striving for stringent data security and privacy, users in Israel are now reportedly connected to WhatsApp through the Facebook servers, said a report on Monday. According to WABetaInfo, a popular fan website that tracks … Continue reading

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How to see a list of everyone who has ever ignored your Facebook friend request

If you’ve ever used Facebook, you know that nerve-wracking feeling while you wait for someone to accept your friend request. Turns out, there’s an easy way to see all the people who haven’t accepted your requests and are keeping you … Continue reading

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We Support PM Modi’s Digital India Vision But Not Facebook’s Version Of Digital India & Free Basics

We all know that Facebook is trying very hard to bring its to India. It was disallowed in India and to get it passed, it is now being sold as “Free Basics”. Recently, they launched a super cool looking … Continue reading

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How To Erase Everything You Search For On Facebook

When you search for something on Facebook, the site automatically saves your queries to make it easier for you to find things later. You – and only you – can see what you’ve searched for. At least, that’s the intention… … Continue reading

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Using A Facebook Email Address? You Are Now!!!

Facebook has just silently imposed its own email service on its 900 million plus users, switching the default contact address to an alternative. The addresses use the vanity URL introduced for profiles, so if your personal Facebook URL is … Continue reading

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Password Protection Act of 2012 filed in US

A new bill is filed to prevent employers from asking employees and job candidates for their passwords to social networking sites. Back in March, I wrote a blog about how some potential employers were asking job candidates for their social … Continue reading

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Pay To “Highlight” Your Facebook Status Updates To More Friends

Only 12% of your friends see your average status update, but Facebook is testing an option called “Highlight” that lets you pay a few dollars to have one of your posts appear to more friends. Highlight lets the average user, … Continue reading

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