Error 118 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT): The operation timed out.

Chrome often displays this error instead of loading websites. It is typically resolved by clicking refresh once or twice, but should not be occurring at all. I would add 5 seconds to my connection timeout settings, except this setting doesn’t appear to exist.

Solution 01

Check anti-virus setting
(for bitdefender user)
try check your bitdefender setting
change the setting, switch UI to expert mode
Look for
– firewall
– rules
– look for – c:\documents and settings\…..\local settings\application data\google\chrome\application\chrome.exe, double click
– the configuration will pop beneath it, double click
– look for ACTION, change it to ALLOW.

Solution 02

  1. Open then Google Chrome
  2. Go to Wrench icon
  3. Click on Options
  4. Go to Under the hood tab
  5. Click on Change Proxy Settings
  6. Uncheck “automatic delete settings” under lan
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11 Responses to Error 118 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT): The operation timed out.

  1. zafar khan says:

    Cool……….it worked fine. thanks alot.

  2. Cyril says:

    thanx man u really rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    first solution …………………solved my problem thanx

  3. angela says:

    I am addicted to cityville game, It was working fine, but since 3 days I cant get through the game, error 118 and there are time the game load but only 5 minutes it show out of server or connection. I tried your suggestion but doesn’t work for me.

    • Mandy says:

      I have been facing the same error since the last week for Cityville…i tried everything and nothings changed!…im missing out on the game…it my fav timepass 😦

  4. Milox says:

    awesome, been searching for this about 2 hours and bitdefender was the bad boy

  5. these solutions didnt work……but i restored Chrome to a previous version and it now works!

  6. Huylang Ros says:

    I can’t access to Speedy Joe server in; I am really addicted to those movie. I can’t download it or see it. Furthermore, it sometimes appear this error. It’s soooo annoying!

  7. XD says:

    MAN! Iv’e been looking for this solutions for almost 1 month! and you only gave the right answer! thanks. XD

  8. sara says:

    Hi I am not able to login one site
    showing Error 118 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT): The operation timed out in crome.
    Please help me on this


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